Words replacement in data extraction

Hi all,

if tsr=unk then tcsi=9447.00
tsr need to be replaced with 9447.00
TSN: 13745.10
TCSI: 9447.00

if tsr=unk , tcsi=unk then TSN: 13745.10
tsr need to be replaced with 9447.00

TSN: 13745.10
Please help me. How to do.

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Lakshmi MP

Here is the logic.
const string strVar = “tsr ”;

    // We must assign the result to a variable.
    // ... Every instance is replaced.
    string v = strVar.Replace("tsr ", "9447.00");


Check out the link @lakshmi.mp

Hi @lakshmi.mp ,

Could you maybe also explain how is the data available and in which format ?

Is it in a text format ?

Also, Let us know what should the format of the Output.

Hi @supermanPunch ,

Data format is string, output is also string.
tsr value extracted as UNK. that need to replaced with 9447.00
Extracted value is UNK that needs to be with tcsi value 9447.00

@lakshmi.mp ,

Apologies. But Couldn’t get to understand the condition for replacing the values.

Could you show us what is the Input text at first, then show us the Output Text for that data and explain what condition was used for the Replacement.

The above shown data leads to confusion / Missing Input/Output data after the condition or before the condition is applied.

Also, Concerning the values, Do we need to replace with 9447.00 always as it is a constant, or do we identify it first as the TCSI value, extract it and then replace tsr value with the tcsi value ?