If condition on extract Data Table

Hello Friends,

I have extracted this table and i am able to fetch the values. Now i have to use the condition:-
If the value of payload status is 1 (Column 4), then i have to fetch the value available in return status.(p). I want to store that value in variable out_str_1.
There can be many enteries with this payload 1 i have to fetch last updated time value.
But its going in assign activity out_str_1=Nodata

Please help me.

hey @AjayN you can use the condition like this
not row.ItemArray.ToList.IndexOf(“1”).ToString.Equals("-1")

-1 represents that KeyWord is not present in that row. So we did a 'not' to make sure we extract value only when the KeyWord is there in the row.

and in Then part use Write line like this
row.Item(row.ItemArray.ToList.IndexOf(“1”) +3).ToString
this will give you the ReturnStatus column Value
cheers @AjayN

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