Word - replace text with numbering

I have the below word file (first screenshot) with 3 numbering sentences.
Based on a certain if condition in the earlier workflow, I need to remove the sentence in the word document. I’m currenty doing this by replacing the standard text in our template with “”. The result is not as expected (see screenshot 2). I would expect it to be as in screenshot 3. It is not possible to replace the text with the numbering included (= “2. This sentence dissapears based on an if condition”).

Anyone that has some suggestions to try?
Many thanks,
Kind regards!

File before replace:

File after replace:

How it should be:

There are 2 options

  1. Post replacing the line with “”, send a backspace using send hot key.
  2. Select the line (Home >> Shift+End) and press delete

Hi, thanks for your response.
However it does not seem to work. You have to know that this text is in the middle of a document of 20 pages. How could I select that specific line in the word document?

using find ?

Thanks for your swift reply. which one?

For those interested - I solved it in a different way. I saved the text from the excel file as a variable and had set it to clipboard. I then simulated the clicks to find and replace text in word (or ctrl + f) and then you can set the text you want to change and replace by “^c”. The ^c copies the text from your clipboard.


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