How to get specific text in word document without using find function (control + f)

It will be used in a template word document, where for example there are 3 results of “salary payment” words and I want the 2nd result. However, if I want to amend the template and add another “salary payment” word, then using the normal way of find function, clicking the 2nd result is then not always correct.

I have tried various packages but they mostly find the word I want, but they replace every word but I only want to replace the one specific word/ find it.

I have also tried activities as image exist and element exist, they don’t work exactly well(buggy) and element exist cannot indicate the words.

Hi @lpc,

Use like this:

in your word template replace salary payment to:
salary payment1
salary payment2
salary payment3 so you dont replace all at same time


Use replace text activity

Search For = salary payment1
Raplce With = salary payment: StringWithValeu

repeat to other 2

I use this and works fine

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@lpc, Please can you provide an example of what you are trying to achieve.

Working …

what you can do as exemple, i send my word doc + excel + xaml (18.8 KB)

With this exemple you can try it in a for each row or other i just did it in the most simple way

thanks for your solution, i understood. just wondering if there are any shortcuts or robust methods that could do it