Word Replace Text Activity: replace with nothing

Hello everyone!

I am facing a problem using Word Activities.

I need to replace some text depending on the value of some variables.

If the variable’s value is “YES”, I need to replace with some text. If the variable’s value is “NO”, I just replace it with “”. The problem is that replacing with “” creates a blank space, between paragraphs recortes , can anyone help me? Thank you very much

Hi @Gmar, this may not seem so elegant but what I do in this situation is to have two copy the word template. One is for the “YES” where you get to replace the text. The other is for the “NO” where you have already deleted the part that was supposed to be replaced with “”

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Hi @Gmar,
An other alternative is to send some “Del” comands to the Word, if @avejr748 solution is for some reason not applicable

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