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Need help for the below activity

  1. Have a word document in letter format.
  2. How to open the existing word doc ?
  3. How to append the word doc in From Name, Address, To Name, Address which is present in a variable ?

use an Word Application scope, then Replace Text activity.

I dont want to replace. For instance i have a word like ‘Dear’ (which is already existing in the word doc) next to this i need to print the name of the person which is present in a variable. It should be like i need to insert those variable values where ever i required.

EX : Dear Sam,
From [Already there in the doc),

Hi @Robotics

thus what use Replace text activity

Search for " Dear"
Replace with " Dear Sam,"

if u have to use variable means “Dear”+Variable name


Ok Thanks Amaresan.

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is your Problem resolved?

Yes Solved.

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Kindly mark as solution it help other…

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