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I had installed WPS(Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet), a package containing these three sub packages. Now I had a UiPath process in which I have to access an Word file which opens using WPS. Its extension is .docx. But UiPath shows error: you must have Word installed. Please let me know does UiPath supports only MS Office suite?

Please can any one help instead of word application scope is there alternative options are there like
For Excel Application Scope there is alternative


As of now UiPath supports microsoft suite only…wps doesnot support in the word application scope…

For excel we have workbook activities where it is again not for wps…its is to work with excel with out excel installed…(either wps or microsoft)

Similarly there are word related activities as well under system package if you search in activities which support word activities without installing office please try the same

UiPath.word.activities is what you need to install to see them

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Actually task is generating certificate
Reading data from excel & replace the text in document so can we use word activity here if yes please can you share me some snaps & i don’t have Microsoft Office

Hi @Rohith_Shastri ,

The activities under the System> File category will work even if you haven’t installed a Microsoft Word/WPS.

While the activities on the App Integration require it.

You can try using the activity under the System > File > WordDocument to see if it helps.

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In the previous comment whatever you see inside the yellow circle are available to work with word without installing it


Brother just look at the below pic
Same can yu share the flow using word Document activity
Above i shared excel data also
Read data from Excel and replace the words in word doc


Either attach some files or if it is about the replace only

Then use replace text in document activity


No actually you’re not getting my point anyway tqsm for your wonderful response

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