Word application scope throwing error - Word application scope: the file appears to be corrupted even though pdfs are getting generated from word

Hi Everyone,

I’m using word application scope activity to save word documents as pdf files in a folder, bot which was running properly few days back when i tried running today is getting stuck and throwing an error “Word application scope: The file appears to be corrupted”, however the pdfs are getting generated from word yet this error is coming up and the bot is not moving forward.

Request you to please help me out here, im very much new to UiPath.
Thank you so much for your help here.

@gabrielribas4 Hey, Hope you are doing well! Wanted to check if you could help me out here. Thank you so much.


I hope all pdf files are generated successfully but you are getting the error at the end ? Am I correct ?

If yes then surround entire Word Application Scope activity inside Try Catch block. So that the error will be catched and you can continue with the next activities.

Oi @Swati4 !! Como você está salvando o .pdf. Envie-nos a atividade que está gerando o erro.