<wnd app='putty.exe' cls='PuTTY' title='* - PuTTY' /> <ctrl name='* - PuTTY' role='client' />

Hello Friends,

I’m runing a workflow analyser and i’m gotting:
Error UI-DBP-006 Using containers Top-level selector used outside of in-scope containers Click enter Enter ACM Enter Name Enter Prenon. Reusable Modules/LoginEPP.xaml
Using scopes such as Open Browser and Application provides a level of reuse in selectors. Try using scopes instead of direct UI activities. Find out more.

The issue is for this selector and many others :

the activitie is within “application browser”:

also i had:

The code works fine, i need 24 argument, and i don’t know what private is?

Any help

Hello @abdel

Plz confirm whether you have used Application scope. As per the error the activity is not inside a container like Attach browser.


yes i’m using application scope:

Hello, @abdel - Have a look on the below link