Error while project execution

Hello Team,

Can anyone please help me to resolve this error. when I’m running the same flow on another machine it works as it is but while running on my system getting the error.

Error UI-DBP-006 Container Usage Top level selector used outside scoped containers in activities Get Text - Precipitation Get Text - Humidity Get Text - Wind Speed Get Text - Temperature. Main.xaml
Using scopes such as Open Browser and Application gives a level of reusability in selectors. Try to use scopes instead of direct UI Activities

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Try use the activity from modern activities “Use Application/Browser” activity and reassemble all the selectors, maybe this will solve the problem

Hey @vaibhav2.chavan

Looks like you missed to follow the project standards set by your team which is causing this error.

Kindly use scope activities like Attach browser/window or Open Browser/App. If modern it’s Use App/Browser