With 'Append Line' to a text file, how do you append something to the end of the last line?

Good morning to all.

Here is an example of what I am trying to write into a text file: (This is not the whole query)

update ipsi.standard_scf
set key_eng = ‘2238724’
where key_eng = ‘102822’
and scf_type = ‘CUSTODIAN’
and i_std_stand_id in (select i_std_stand_id

In the Append Line Activities, I am doing something like this:

1st append:
"update ipsi.standard_scf
set key_eng = '"

2nd append statement:

3rd append statement:
where key_eng = '"

It’s a real pain that you can apparently only have two double quotes in each append line activity.

What I end up with in my Text file:

update ipsi.standard_scf
set key_eng = ’

where key_eng = ’

and scf_type = ’

and i_std_stand_id in (select i_std_stand_id

In Notepad++, there is a CR and an LN after each Append Line. How do you remove these in UiPath’s Append Line activity?

Read the text file into a string variable. Concatenate the new text onto the end of it until you have all the text for the file. Write back to the text file.

That works out well. Thank you sir

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