How to append text in notepad?

I want to leverage Notepad as a log document to record the operating status of robot behaviors.
I tried system-file-“WriteTextFile” activity but it keeps over write previous string input in previous activity.
I also tried append, which makes more sense in using because it starts a new line and append strings. But it does not work at all.
Can anyone help me?:smiley_cat:

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Try using some code like this
String data=File.ReadAllText(“filepath”)
data.append(“data to append”)

Hi @eb978xz,

First use read text file store it into string variable…then add your new value then use write text file activity.


Thanks for your reply buddy.
If I store it into as str variable and use write text file activity to input: str variable + “Desired text” the new text will be added in. But this is not what I want. In this way I need to update str variable over and over after everytime I add more text into it.
I want to use append text to start a new line each time I input.

Append line works fine.
Sorry for bothering

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This video talks about append line activity

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