Windows vs Windows Legacy

Hey everyone, hope you’re well.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time over the last few days getting caught up between Windows, Windows Legacy and Cross Platform where I am trying to modularise a lot of my work so that I can share it with the community through the marketplace so I am trying to get everything on the highest possible. This has led me to having to redo a lot of work because copying and pasting between Windows and Windows Legacy is just not happy, even though the same activities exist in both.

… Or in some cases, it all works okay in Windows until I need a library that doesn’t have support for Windows but only has a version available for Windows Legacy and I have to redo it all in Windows Legacy again.

Has anyone come across a quick and “easy” way to “change the type”? Except for changing the project.json, I tried that and failed miserably with an incompatibility error. A second question - does anyone know how to change the platforms that an already developed library supports? Do we need to create multiple versions for multiple platforms?

Hi @Jacqui_M
To change the platforms that an already developed library supports, you will need to create separate versions of the library for each platform.

You can do this by creating a new project in the desired platform and moving the code and assets from the original library into the new project.

You can then publish the new library to the Marketplace, or distribute it to other users through a different method

Kaviyarasu N

I sincerely wish it were that easy - I thought it was too but when I try just moving everything over, I have compatibility issues. Seems to be something strange with how xaml files are created across the different methods.


There’s an option in Studio to upgrade for Legacy to Windows, which works… Only if you are using an activity that is supported. Some activities are still built using legacy and as such, do not work.

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