Which Compatibility to select? (Updated to V2021.10.0)

i just upgraded to the new version and i want to know the difference between windows legacy, windows and cross platform, which one to use

Screenshot 2021-10-15 174604



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Have a look below thread.

Thank you for your reply, i have read that Release but still confused in the difference between windows legacy and windows, can you please simplify it for me, when to use it

@Taha_Sabri1 can you please check our documentation:

let me know if this helps.

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In simple words it is 32-bit windows executable xaml, 64-bit windows executable xaml and 64-bit windows executable xaml with no platform dependency(will run on both)

Though suggest you to not go for Legacy as of now. The project you create in that can have some issue when you upgrade your system or may be send the file to higher configuration machines.

Hi @Taha_Sabri1

You may refer below link which may be useful for additional reference.

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