Windows remote session is killed after execution of job


My current situation is that I am running a job where I am entering orders into our SAP system. It’s getting activated from an API, after which the job gets data from a SQL server, and subsequently enters the data into SAP.

The job in itself consists of

  1. Logging into SAP
  2. Entering the order.

As there any hundreds of orders every day, it should be enough that it logs into SAP once every day and then just enters the orders as they come in. However, it seems like the remote sessions gets ended after every run. This means that the job has to restart the web application to log in in between every order, which adds a lot additional time.

I have other automations running to the same system which does not have their sessions ended in between. Does anyone know the reason for this, and how I can resolve it?

I found this similar topic, but it doesn’t really give any answers:

Please help, thanks!

It’s supposed to end the connection to free up the Robot, Machine, and runtime license.

You can’t have a login persist across Jobs like that.

Hi Paul,

Are you sure about this? Cause I have two other automation which runs on the same principle (a login, and then the processing). For these two automations, it does not have to login again in between every run.

Thanks for your reply!

please post a screenshot showing your ‘robot’ settings (go to the robot section of orchestrator and show the settings of one of the robots)

This is what I can get from the robot page. Not sure if it helps in any way:

That would be a matter of that app using cookies or some other method to “keep me logged in” kind of thing.