Windows login prompt when trying to use Microsoft Office 3656 Scope with InteractiveToken

I have a bot that reads / sends email and we recently switched to modern authentication. We use an appID and Tennant ID along with a secureApplicationSecret to authenticate. The problem is we still get a user account popup asking for credentials. We handled this by running the bot once on each of our bot servers and filled out the popup and hit ok. The problem is I cant seem to replicate the popup to do some testing.

Here is what I tried the first time:

  1. Close Studio
  2. Close assistant
  3. uninstall studio
  4. clear out everything on credential manager
  5. reboot the computer
  6. after reboot close outlook
  7. re-install studio
  8. test email things

This worked and I had hope that I had figured out how to reproduce the popup, and then I tired it again and have not gotten any popups at all.

Any ideas on how I can replicate the popup?

Hi @LeftBrainCo

Are you using Interactive Sign-In ? Please see hybrid authentication, secure authentication and interactive sign-in sections.