Geht Credentials Inlay fron Orchestrator

Hello, I‘m using the Get Credentials Activity to read credentials from Orchestrator. This works 98% of the time very well. But sometimes my company has network issues due to insufficient network capacity and the robot can’t connect to the orchestrator for about 1 - 5 secs.

The problem is, that the Get Credentials activity seems try other methods of finding the credentials. It tries to use Windows Credentials Manager and then a window (“Hello! This is Robot”) pops up to enter the credentials. The process pauses until you enter the credentials or close the window manually.

We are not using the Credentials Manager and we can’t enter the Credentials manually, because the Process runs unattended.

Is it possible to use only the Orchestrator and retry the connection? We want to stop the process completely if no credentials are found and we don’t want to be prompted to enter anything manually. The process should not be paused for several hours until someone is able to login and close the prompting window.

Thank you in advance


It’s happen when you are using old version of Re-Framework

You can go to GetAppCredentials in Framework of the Re-Framework project

Now you can see a try catch where in try block it’s like below


So when there is a exception there is a catch block where you getting the issue, becuase in the catch block to attempt the Windows credential

If you don’t want that then you can remove those activities and try

Hope this may help you