Windows Credential manager

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When building workflows in UiPath, we can use Windows Credentials manager to store and retrive logins/passwords.
But there does not seem to be a funtion to store a changed password, on the run.

Background: When working with SAP systems, it is crutial that the password used by the Robot, is very secure. I want the robot to be able to generate its own password, and store this in the Windows Credential manager. That way only the robot knows the password.
How do you handle that?

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the activity “Add Credential” will overwrite an existing credential in Windows Credentials Manager of the same name.


Using “Add Credential” activity.
If you can’t find “Add Credential” Activity in the Activity Area:
1.Open the Manage Packages.
2.Click the All Packages.
3.Typing “Credentials.activities” in it.
4.Installing it.
5.And now, you can find it.

One issue I’ve found with the Windows Credential Manager activity for Adding Credential is that the PW has to be string, and cannot be secure string…why? I have created an activity which will generate a secure string PW, and would rather use this and not reconfigure it to output just a string.


Hi Alex

I now use the Windows Credential activities, the when I use the ‘Get secure credential’ activity, the retrieved password is stored in a varialbe of type SecureString.


Thanks @kbi but I’m fine with that part, my issue is that I’m creating and trying to store a new PW in WCM and the input for Add Credential cannot be a secure string, which seems wrong to me.

Ohhh, I see, @Alex_Cross. I just realized that now. It works fine, but the Variable type for the new password to be stored, is actually ‘just’ String.
I will follow to see if anyone has an answer to that.


Could you use an expression in the “password” property?
In such way the plain text password would not be stored in any variable - but yes, it would be passed as plain text to the activity…


@J0ska - that would just be a workaround. I know the Credential manager activities was made by someone in the Community forum. It would be much easier if the activty was just changed to hande secure strings instead. Then the discussion would be solved once and for all :slight_smile: