Windows crash message

Hello all

I’m currently working with an application that have tendencies to crash every time i try to exit it.
After a few seconds, the well know “the program is not responding”- windows message appears.
If i click “Close the program”, it closes and i can continue with the rest of the workflow.

The problem is that when the windows message appears, the applications locks (or rather, continues trying to close forever…), meaning the Robot does not continue to the next step (closing the windows message), but instead waits for the application to return control (waiting forever).

I have tried to switch “WaitForReady” property to “NONE” but no change.

As a workaround I’m killing the app from windows processes instead.
As this seam to be a windows thing and not connected to my application, I was wondering if someone else have tried to automate windows crash messages and found a solution to this problem?

  • Konrad

hehe… thank you for your lovely suggestion :slight_smile:

However the point of my post is to automate the windows error message, not fix the application.

Also it’s a known bug in the application, so it’s happening every time on all machines, meaning a reinstall is not gonna fix it :slight_smile:

So sorry I completely misunderstood you. Will try to resolve this :slight_smile:

No problem.
Thanks for your try :slight_smile:

Any ideas are still welcome!

I have an application that needs to continue to run when such crashes and pop ups occur. Inside my application I have a small section of code that runs on a short timer (this code could actually run in a separate task).

This code, when run, collects all the running windows and searches for patterns from my “target” list. If a match is encountered I perform an action from a small list of options (close, kill app, send/post a message to the process, etc.).

I can log the time and type of action.

This is like a “popup” killer and works well for my particular use. I use it to eliminate windows notification messages and crash message.

Hey @ceinj
Do you mind sharing your “kill code” ? :slight_smile:

Do you know how to read/use VB6 or VBS (vbscript)? My code has two sections. One is my control loop and the other is a modification of a publicly shared code named “FindWinowsLike”.

You can find a version of that software at vba and FindWindowLike | MrExcel Message Board .

This function call allows you to find all windows handles running on your computer or narrow the list down to windows matching “Window Title” and/or “Windows Class”. You can use wildcard character “*” in the title and class. (Of course, you must be familiar with Windows handles for this to be of any use to you).

Once you find a Windows handle you can do things like fill in a text box, click on a button, close the window or even kill a process.

Is this of any help to you?

I had IT suppress the Error Reporting. It was causing too many headaches, like it would cause the robot to get stuck and not even throw an exception.

For more info on disabling it, check online like here: