How can you "kill" a certain window on an application?

How can you kill a certain window on an application, but not the entire application?
I am not talking about closing a window, I am talking about killing it.

We are automating a process using Microsoft Dynamics Navision client application, and this process involves a lot of operations on several windows, and we are using REFramework because we have repetitive transactions.

Now, when something goes wrong in an transaction, we have to close all the open windows that are on edit mode, and move onto the next transaction, but without closing the entire application.

In the screenshot, we want to close Edit - Payment Application Rules and Edit - Receivables-Payables to prepare for the next transaction, but we want to keep Cash Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV open because all windows open from there.

We are using Attach Browser and Close tab but occasionally it fails for some reason. When that happens, we want to Kill those 2 windows, because with them open, we cannot start the next transaction.
But killing Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client will kill all windows and even the application too.

How can we just kill a specified window? Is it even possible?
We don’t want to kill everything and restart the whole, starting the application from the beginning. We want to keep the base window open.

Hi @tomato25

please look at this

You can try getting pid and then try killing that specific process through id


Hello @tomato25

I think you can use a combination of Get Process along with Kill process to achieve this.