Message box coming from medical software is not letting the bot continue its job

Good afternoon, i really need help with something annoying that is happening with one of my bots. It works with a Medical Billing Software, and now that software send some MessageBox Alerts when you search some particular patients. The issue is this message box stops or freeze the bot, and i cannot control the message box with any Uipath Activity. I tried with Element Exists, On Element Appear, Find Element even i tried with Get Attributes, but nothing worked. I used the UiExplorer to review the properties of that messagebox, and i discovered something really weird, and is that the message box does not belong to the hierachy of the Medical Billing Software, is like that popup message is an independent process. But that is not possible since there is no new window or new element appearing in the taskbar. I will attach the screenshot of the uiexplorer. I would really appreciate any help or advice for this.

Consider using send hotkey activity (i.e. enter).

nothing have worked, i also used an attach window to focus the message box window but is like it was another process. Makes no sense i am really frustrated about this, i have been defeated by a message box :sob:

Citrix does this, where popups are their own process. Do an Attach Window with that selector, and then the click you need to clear it. Set both to low timeouts and continue on error. This way if it appears it’ll be cleared, if it doesn’t appear the bot will just continue.

That’s what attach window is for. If you can’t get it to work you could try click image.

If I understand correctly, you don’t get any error whatsoever, the bot just gets stuck? Is that correct?
Can you confirm that the last activity successfully concludes before the message box appears, you can probably do this by having a log message.

I tried click Imagine and it didnt work, seriously i am about to cut my veins because of this :sob:

correct, the bot didnt throw an error, it is like the bot await the popup dissapear to continue the steps. Just to add more info, this message box just come up with some patients, so the most of the time the bot run properly. The last activity i use before the message box come up is a send hotkey. as i wrote before, the message box does not belong to the hierachy of the medical software in the UiExplorer, so the really matter is there is no way to target this window to be clicked or send a hotkey like Esc or alt + F4. Help heeeeelp! :sob:

If you’re getting a selector, then it “should” be interactable as well.
Can you use a “close window” activity with your popup selector (and continue on error)? Test it out individually, meaning in a separate sequence. Manually recreate that popup and then run this sequence.

If this works you can use a parallel activity to get around the UiPath freezing issue. Probably!

when i make the test manually it works, but just for 1 patient, but when i am iterating during the real run it doesnt work. I am not understanding well what you mention about parallel activity, can you please give me mor feedback regarded to this?

Nothing have worked, i am tired and defeated by this damn msgbox, i even researched about how to destroy the messagebox via VB or C# code, but there is no such method in the Class MessageBox. I know is supossed the msgbx is intended for an interaction with the user but for me is unbelievable there is no way to close a msgbx without having to click the Ok or Yes/No or Cancel button i feel super frustraded believe me really frustrated and anger

  1. For your “send hotkey” that is freezing, try with/without ‘SendWindowMessages’ property.

  2. try changing “WaitForReady” property to None

  3. since the hierarchy is different, make sure your popup handler activities are not under the scope of any previous “attach browser” (it has caused issues for me before). Make sure it is standalone.

  4. Try this (just a rough implementation, not production ready. I don’t know the application details)

First i had some issues but then i quit the element appear part and it worked, thank you so much my friend you have really saved my life. Best wishes for you. :blush: :ok_hand: :+1:

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