Window VMWare image

Please, help. I am setting up an Orchestrator environment on two ec2 instances.
Orchestrator and SQL server will be running on one EC2 instance. On the other instance, I need install VMWare windows image. Can you suggest steps to successfully setup VWMare Windows client? Someone had referred me to VMWare scope package but I think it is what I want. My undestanding of the VMWare scope will allow you develop bot to with VMWare environment. But for me, I am at the stage to setup the VMWare environment and need help to do that, especially,where to get VMWare windows image. Do I need to create one from scratch and how?


This isn’t really suited to UiPath community. The creation of compatible images for VMWare should really be asked in a VMWare Community or Support.

There’s a lot that can go into creating image from branching it off an existing system that is also a Virtual or physical Machine to how the OS is prepped if you intend to use it as a base (aka Golden) image for provisioning multiple machines.

Here’s one reference, but might not be exactly to cover your use case depending on what VMWare product you are referring to.

And of course there are the various tools out there to help you do that, if you want to stick with VMWare Products and Tools, using 3rd party such as (HashiCorp) to stream line how your bases images are created depending on what level of management you are looking to do and then say Terraform can then be used to manage VMWare vSphere.

The VMWare UiPath Activities looks mostly robust and if all you have or are familiar with is UiPath it’ll work, but for me personally I wouldn’t think of UiPath as my first go to for managing Infrastructure as I tend to want to do it “in code”, but we also have a lot of other platforms in place like Ansible and Puppet and other automation centric platforms.

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