UiPath Installation in VMWare environment

Hello Community!

We have done a successful POC using UiPath at my client. Now we are talking about production set up. From the Infrastructure and Installation perspective, I just wanted your insights on the following:
-UiPath set up on VMware: The client is thinking to set up the Orchestrator (both web server and database server) on VMware server. Also, they are thinking to have VM based desktops to be used for the bots. Just wanted to understand if UiPath works fine on VMware set up infrastructure?
-Operating System: The client is thinking to use Windows Server 2012 for the Orchestrator and Windows 7 OS for the bots. Does this look okay ? Or is there something I should be aware of while choosing OS?

Thanks a lot for your time and considerations.
PS: I have already the checked the detailed SW/HW requirements for UiPath Studio, Robot and Orchestrator but couldn’t gather much information if it works good on VMWare set up.


Did you find an answer to this situation?

If Yes, What did you do @ankur.s.sharma

Hi @Ajakrish

It will work :slight_smile: See documentation for more specific information.

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