HyperHack 2022 update! Winners have been announced!

UiPath Community organized this years edition of HyperHack, global community hackathon, with more than 560 participants from 38 countries this year, the competition drew diverse participation with over 30% women participation around the world from over 230 unique organizations. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

We challenged our community to solve business problems across 3 categories and we have been really excited to see the teams present innovative solutions.

Here are our amazing winners of HyperHack 2022

:point_right: Category 1: UiPath Apps

:one: First Prize: Team “The Silicon Robots” (@usharma, @Nishant_Banka1, Mohd. Faiz Khan)

image (1)

:two: Second Prize: Team Vuram CoE (@Ramaswamy_Rajeshwaran, @Balaji_Murugan, @Amruta_Kallimani)

image (2)

:three: Third Prize: Team MARAS (@malak.dudhia, @ayushaswal310, Saurabh Pawar, RamKrishna Kadiya)

image (3)

:point_right: Category 2: Test Automation

:one: First Prize: Team Automata (@jeevith, @otico, Fredrik Skylstad Solem)

image (4)

:two: Second Prize: Team SS_Champs (Deepti Khattar, Richa Bhardwaj, Suraj Kumar, Sugandh Bansal)

image (5)

:three: Third Prize: Team Q_Check (@Saranya_Manikandan, @Kaviyarasu_N, Muthu Valliappan Palaniappan, @Hrithikeshwar_Veerendrapr)

image (6)

:point_right: Category 3: General

:one: First Prize: Team “AutoWiz” (Pradeep Murugesan, Madhurima Sundaram, @Noodhana_Rangarajan, Yadukrishnan Sunilkumar)

image (7)

:two: Second Prize: Team Ennuviz (@Anandhavalli_A, Roopak Desai)

image (8)

:three: Third Prize: DocRobotix (@jamesjacobsydney)

image (9)

Learn more about our official announcement here

Stay tuned to our upcoming activities and challenges on community.uipath.com


Congratulation Everyone. Keep it up

Thanks @Rohit_Radhakrishnan

Congratulations to all winners, Kudos to you!

Hi all,

We have now published our submission as a custom activity in the UiPath Marketplace and we hope many testing teams across the globe can benefit from it.

We actively use this component in our Test Automation projects. It has helped us standardize, scale and has decreased the development time taken to create test cases.

Automated Test Case Generator - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Feel free to leave your feedback and/or feature request in the Marketplace listing.

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