Will UiPath extract metadata from TIFFs? If so, how?

Will UiPath extract metadata from TIFFs - these are images of newspapers and the metadata is things like Year and date, volume, issue and page number? If so, how? I can extract the metadata by hand by right-clicking. It’s not clear that UiPath can do this or has some other way of doing it.

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UiPath can extract metadata from TIFFs using OCR/iOCR (intelligent Optical Character Recognition) technology. This allows UiPath to read text within and extract pieces of information.

We had an usecase where initially IBM® Datacap was in use for the data extraction from TIFFs & we implemented UiPath’s Document Understanding feature in order to achieve the same.

You can go through the following resources for better understanding:

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We can achieve it using tiff library such as Bitmiracle.TiffLib.net which is used in UiPath.PDF.Activities package etc.

imgTiff = BitMiracle.LibTiff.Classic.Tiff.Open("sample.tif","r")


fv_width = imgtiff.GetField(BitMiracle.LibTiff.Classic.TiffTag.IMAGEWIDTH)

CInt(fv_width.First().ToString()) returns image width

Sample20230417-1L.zip (58.7 KB)


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