TIFF file extraction

Hello all,
Can we use UiPath activities like document understanding to extract data from tiff format.


Utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert the TIFF image into a searchable PDF.
Convert the TIFF image to a searchable PDF using a tool like Adobe Acrobat or a PDF conversion library. Once you have a searchable PDF, you can then use UiPath’s Document Understanding features to extract data.
Create a custom workflow in UiPath to preprocess the TIFF image by extracting text using OCR, and then create a searchable PDF from the extracted text.

Once you have a searchable PDF, you can use UiPath’s Document Understanding features, including the “Digitize Document” activity, to extract data from the PDF as you would with any other text-based document.


Hi @shama93 ,

I believe the TIFF format files are supported by UiPath Digitize Document activity as stated in the documentation :