Extracting Data From Tif File

Hi everyone

I ask for your help for an important issue for me, i was asked if there is a possible way to extract data from tiff file to excel file. Here is my document that i want to extract data from it.

And there is another challange also, this document can be occur from somewhere between 1-10 pages in tiff file. Firstly i have to find this table then extract data inside.

can someone give me an idea how to do it?


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hi, from what I see, what you need is a good OCR application (for example, Abbyy), which can be automated with uipath.

Uipath can pass the data to OCR, while it’s up to OCR to recognize the tiff file according to defined image templates. Then OCR application may send some kind of notification to Uipath in order to retrieve the extracted data.

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Hi @beantony thanks for your reply,

You mean abbyy web site / external programme or abbyy activity in uipath

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yeah, external application… even if you used abbyy activity, you’ll still need to have the application.

I’ve used UiPath with Abbyy previously, it can recognize the page that has the table and can export them into other format, which then can be read and used by UiPath.

as far as I know, the internal ‘free’ OCR engines in UiPath are not that flexible enough to retrive data from tables.

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Thank you so much it helps a lot.

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