Can we automate Oracle EBS Application Using Ui path

I have a spreadsheet which contains some records to be Keyed in Oracle EBS Application. Can we automate it using UIpath

why not? did you try it?

Yes i tried .I am using the Recording Feature to navigate into the applications after opening the Login form and entering the user name and password it opens a form using J initiator after that i am not able to record the session it asks me to install the Jar Files after Installing the Jar files nothing happens


You need to install the extension to Uipath be able to identify the application.


If doesn’t work, try to use Citrix Recording to automate using images (click image, send hotkeys…)



Were you able to automate data entry in EBS with uipath?


Somehow I was able to automate the forms but after installing Java extension it is not working.
Are there any guidelines/hints to automate Oracle ERP form based operations?

Hi @hunishwar

In my case after installing java extension only i am able to identify selectors on oracle forms
it’s recommended to close all the instances of browser after installing java extension