Will the Finally block work if Throw is used in Catch section?

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If we are using a Throw activity inside the Catch section then will the Finally block be executed ?

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it should move to Finally block in all cases, whether there is an exception or not


Hi KK ,

As the name suggest for Finally block . it will always Executed after Execution of try and catch .
Refer the thread.


Unfortunately, No, finally block doesn’t execute in this case. It’s specification of Try-Catch activity. This activity is made by Microsoft and document says

The activities in the Finally section are executed when either the Try section or the Catches section successfully completes.

Please see the following document in detail.


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Hi @kkpatel ,

what @Yoichi said is right. The finally block will not work in this case.

finally block,


The activity which we may expect to throw an error will keep it in the Try block… once the try block successfully executes the final block will be executes…

If any error occurs in the Try block then the catch block will executes… If catch block executes successfully without using the throw inside the catch. The final block will be executes…

If we used any exception activities and if try fails the catch block will throw the exception. That means final block won’t executes…