Finally is not executed

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We have observed that when exception is caught in catch and thrown , finally is not executed .
As per our knowledge , no matter what is the case , finally block should be executed always but its not happing right now.

I am using community edition 2022.4.3

Is this an known issue in Uipath try catch finally ?


It is more of a Windows Workflow Foundation specification than UiPath.
Please see the following document in detail.


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Have you used Rethrow Activity in Catch Block then it will not go in Finally block


I have used throw


As I mentioned in previous post, it’s specification of try-catch activity. In the document, it’s described as the following.

The activities in the Finally section are executed when either the Try section or the Catches section successfully completes.

Unfortunately, as Try-Catch activity is made by not UiPath but Microsoft, there is no way but accept its specification at this time.


Thanks for providing this information

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