Will a workflow including a python script run on the orchestrator?

Hi, I have a python script executed in the workflow, which is published on the orchestrator.
The question is , how can this workflow run from the orchestrator, since in the Studio I’m using the path to the Python interpreter , and obviously in the Orchestrator that path from my local machine it is not valid ? Thx in advance

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Did you install python application in your Robot machine where you want to run the process from Orchestrator ? if not then install python application and then try to execute the process.

Hey @cristian_toma

The process is not going to run on Orchestrator instead it is going to run on the Robot machines

So you need to make sure all your Robot machines have the python installed & you use the right path to the interpreter for every robot when it runs your code may be by keeping the python path as an asset.

Hope this helps.


All clear now. thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

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Cool @cristian_toma :slight_smile: :+1:

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