Why we use UiPath recording for SAP, when SAP has its own recording facility for automation?

In SAP, using SHDB we can record whole transaction like creation Sales, Purchase order etc. and using Batch data input (BDC) or call transaction method we can run the same as many time as we want. Even in background and foreground.
So why we need UI path recording in such cases?
Can some one please explain with some examples.

Hello @PallaviPathare,
I know your question is a few month old but the answer is very simple and good to know:
Not each transaction in SAP can use batch data input procedures, this is in the most cases only for “old” or better transactions which longer exists in SAP environments. Newer transactions uses SAP GUI Scripting for automation cases. UiPath uses SAP GUI Scripting too. And SAP changes more and more from SAP GUI for Windows to a browser based UI. UiPath is a very good platform for an integrated automation scenario which uses SAP GUI for Windows and UI5/Fiori.
Best regards