Which can be the best usecase for SAP automation

can anyone let me know the best use case for ui path to do in sap .


There is not a single best use-case. The whole strength of UiPath x SAP is that you can automate any transaction screen you like. I think this is a use-case on it’s own. In any case; what about automatic creation of Purchase Orders. Anyone in the business can fill out a template and batches of PO’s are created by the robot. Creating purchase orders is a very common practice in SAP.

hi ,
i already done with the purchase order creation .
any other process which can be helpfull.

How about updating vendor details?

YA i can check that .

Hi @basvanderpol,

Anysite or trail for sap automation

hi! im around looking for this kind of infrmation.
what else will be nice to automate in SAP?
i dont have idea about SAP but i need to documentated the best use-cases with uipath over SAP.
thank you!!