Why we are using JSON file to create config file

why we are using JSON file to create config file, what’s the use and why?

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We usually rely on Excel Workbooks, but you can use JSON as well.
The only benefit I can think of is probably the speed. JSON is easy to read and takes less time than looping through each sheet and row of an Excel workbook.

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May we ask you to confirm that you are talking about the project.json file or let us know more details on the example that you are refering.

I found that we are also create JSON file as config file, so I need clarification on why JSON and what’s the use.

still not confirmed to which example you are refering

depends on the specific example and can have many aspects as:

  • interoperability
  • flexibility in handling different structures (key-value, tree…)


looks that the developer decided to use json
typical drivers can be as mentioned above:

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probably the logic is
if config.json exists, read it as a dictionary. otherwise if it doesnt exist, read config.xlsx and write the dictionary to config.json

reading config.json as a dictionary is a lot faster than reading config.xlsx. (few milliseconds compared to few seconds to read xlsx file)

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