What's is the best practice to create a config file

Hi friends, What is your recomendation to create a config file (config.xlsx or another file) to save my varibles, arguments, constants, excepcions, logging, etc?. Please.

Different people, different preferences :slight_smile:

I personaly use JSON format, I load JSON file into a JSON object and share this JSON object (as argument) through whole project.


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@J0ska thanks por your answer, please can you share your config.json like example, then I should check how do you separate your constanst, variables, arguments or some . Please.

nothing extraordinary…
process.json (709 Bytes)

in the code I retrieve values simply like

path = cstr(config(“strProcessRootDir”))

The only danger is that JSON tags are case sensitive



it should be as UiPath suggest, i mean like the reframework config file. if you want to implement in another secuence without reframework, you just copy the secuence that read the config file and also copy the config.xlsx file to your project and the start to use it within any of your projects. That is for configurable arguments and variables

if you want to get something related within your studio, you can just create a dictionary and start passing your keys and values, you can use and invoke code activity

hope this helps


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