Why Selectors becomes invalid while running the project?

Hi Everyone,

Please be inform, why selectors are not valid every time while running the project. is there any solution to resolve this problem. I’ve tired all ways but getting same issue.!
Note: First time it’s working fine if i run second the selectors are not valid.


You must learn about wild cards.

Hi @Lokesh1

If you run second the selectors are not valid, You can use repair to indicate the object again.
Then you will get more flexible selectors is valid to both case.

I tired all possible ways my dear @ wusiyangjiabut the issue not resolved… keep on getting selectors are not valid when you run the workflow.
If i run the workflow first time then it’s works fine. if i run second time i’m getting selectors are invalid at that time again i’m repair the selectors but third time getting same error. this is what happening with the selectors.

Hi @Lokesh1

You can simply repair the selectors again until it becomes enough flexible.
Post your selectors’ content in each time, so we can advise you how to improve it.

Hi @Lokesh1
Hope you are doing great.
You need to define which part of selectors fails. I hope you are not using IDX as it might be one of the reason.
2. Make sure if you have span class, you are not using any wildcard on it.
3. If you can tell exactly which part of your selectors fails, it will be easy to do debugging

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Using the UI Explorer, you can tweak your selector to remove any idx value. These tend to change with each new process run.