Why RPA Is Best To Integrate Legacy Tech Systems | UiPath

Vargha Moayed is Chief Strategy Officer at UiPath.


You may have heard Robotic Process Automation (RPA) described by some as a temporary, Band-Aid solution. In the past, those same critics deemed the user interface (UI) integration as brittle and subject to the vagaries of the simplest look and feel change in the underlying applications.


There was a kernel of truth to this argument but things are changing fast.


Today, the UiPath Platform and technology are more advanced than even a couple of months ago. The UI does not rely solely on traditional screen scrapping techniques of the past. Currently, our technology uses more sophisticated techniques such as computer vision that makes software robots able to understand the information displayed on a screen more robustly. Robots are also less impacted by minor changes.


Having said that, RPA needs to be evaluated against other approaches to integration as this is not a ‘either or’ situation but rather a continuum set of approaches to integration.

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