The unique features of Uipath

I want to know the unique features of Uipath and why customer should use it rather than using other RA tool, like automation anywhere and blueprism?

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Features of UiPath:

  • It is fast, affordable and highly efficient.

  • It is simple to integrate into legacy systems in the organization without causing much disruption.

  • It supports various platforms and applications such as BPM, CRM, Analytics/ Dashboards, Cloud/ Virtual Platforms, Web/ Desktop/ Mainframe APP, etc.

  • It Includes Cognitive Services such as OCR, NLP, Computer Vision, etc. thus eliminates the manual integration of such important services.

  • It supports background automation which help in achieving Data Validation, Analysis and Data Entry automation much easier.

  • It supports orchestrated Automation thus make it easy to work seamlessly 24*7 and also support scheduling, monitoring and analyzing of the process.

  • It supports Attended and Unattended automation nature to achieve the manual human decision making during the process execution