About UI path connectors and when choose RPA over traditional integration


I’m a business person in charge to promote usage of RPA and to lead projects. I see that UI Path is developping more and more connectors to different applications for example SalesForce.com.

I understand that connecting UI Path through the “backend” brings stability and we should consider a connection to the backend before considering automation through the User Interface.

Considering business cases where the flow to automatise is starting in one application and finishing in another and that both application are offering the possibility to connect per API or an interface layer, I’m wondering if there are cases where RPA should be preferred to a traditional integration and how to determine it?

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Hi Philippe,

Just wanted to give my two cents
As per the casual chat that i had with business it was about 2 things

  1. Turn around time for a fully functional bot is less than a traditional integration.
  2. Cost.

One of the bot that I have developed interacts with Desktop application. This desktop application had it’s own set of APIs and middleware which generally comes into picture as a part of traditional integration.

But here the business was less interested to have project on integration but more interested to make a bot on it as the bot development time for the bot was around 3 weeks with SIT and UAT being covered in the subsequent one week each.

I would not be able to elaborate more on cost as I am going by the word which business commented to me.

thanks for your feedback!

i have a business case of my own where the bot needs to gather a several data with a quite complex navigation to describe and build whereas it could probably place a request through an API.
I get you point of time to market, often using user interface might be a good fix but sometimes i feel using an API might be just as fast.
Besides, the lack of stability using user interface, is quite a downside, especially in unattended context. Did you face those? How did your user users react?

Well , there were challenges while making UI interactions. Hence, leveraged all the available APIs so as to reduce dependency on the UI interaction. So yes, APIs were leveraged in my case to reduce the UI interaction. You have rightly mentioned as API interaction were quite fast and accurate when we had implemented.

Users were fine, they were more concerned about the output of the bot, infact they were one who hinted for APIs as they knew , the application which we were automating sometimes works very very slow and might affect bot working.

Hello Philippe,
In this video, I explain RPA vs Integration

Cristian Negulescu