Why retry is not working in system Exception in Reframework in uipath?

Hello everyone !
I am using Reframe work in my automation but the problem is, it’s not retrying the transaction item which got system exception and its moving to next transaction item.

What may be the problem ?

(I already provided MaxRetryNumber = 4)


Are u using queue or non-queue reframework?


For queue based processes retry must be provided in the queue auto retry field…

For non queue based it needs to be provided in the config file constants page

Please verify


using DataRow

i am using datarow


Can you show how you configured…and did you remove any conditions in original re ?


I have configured it in my client desktop.

But I am 100% sure that I have mentioned MaxRetryNumber = 4 in Constant sheet

In set transaction status workflow, does any error occured , could u check that ?

Also confirm the in_TransactionItem in set transaction status workflow is datarow or not ?

There’s no Error.
WorkFlow is running all well but only problem is when it get System Exception, it is not trying the same transaction item but its taking new transaction to process.

As @Anil_G mentioned, did u changed any condition in Reframework?


(Confirmed : in_TransactionItem set to DataRow)

Last thing, is it possible to share screenshot of logs when error occurs ?

Check in Main Workflow in variables pane if RetryNumber = 0

yes, it is set to 0

I can’t,
it is in client desktop and i cannot copy anything

If you run this process from orchestrator, check in trigger if input argument this value was provided

i didn’t get it


Follow the steps…

  1. put a break point at system exception and run in debug
  2. Now use step into and go till the execution goes till retry transaction number and continuously check the maxretrynumber from config file and also if the condition is being executed properly in the retrytransaction.xaml


Sorry, my bad.

As @Anil_G said, running in debug it is a good way to find out whats happenning

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