Why loop is not working?

Main.xaml (3.2 KB)

can someone pls tell me why loop is not working?

Sequence.xaml (14.6 KB)


in case of you want to repeat the loop 3 times set condition to
Varcounter <= 3

pls run this bot then you will get to know how loop is working.

tell us what is not working?

run the given bot then see

we prefer to get questions answered. Reviewing your code has some doubts. But before guessing anything it is better you will tell us. Thanks for support:

first run var selector is empty string
var selector value :
"<html app='chrome.exe' title='Automation Challenge - OCR' /><webctrl tag='TABLE' /><webctrl tableCol='4' tableRow='3'2'/>"

is a invalid selector. If it was intended to click on next button the selector is to rework and to adopt

As mentioned the loops condition allows only 1 run

thanks and i want to download invoices. but when am clicking on invoice extraction then selectors are changing however i want to run loop on those selectors so that i can download all the invoices.

below is the link of that site.