Can someone help me with if condition

Hi All,

If condition is not working here. Can you please check and help me what is the issue.

Sequence4.xaml (27.7 KB)


change UiPath= false
or check the selector in the Element Exist activity if it’s working correctly

I think selector is not working properly as i am still getting execution error when it reaches to selector.
I am not sure how to get out of it.

you can edit the selector, and click in repair and takes again the selector

No,it is not working after repair the selector.

change the element exist, to an image exist, and try with the same parameters and conditions

I tried however it is not working other function like downloading the doc or checking the condition.

try debug mode buddy, and see what is happening

Not working in debug mode also, showing error in For each row

Can you please try to your end and provide me XAML so that i can refer.

sure, i’ll help you, but with iexplorer because at moment having some issue with chrome xd, give me a sec

exm.xlsx (8.0 KB) excel
Sequence4.xaml (21.0 KB) Workflow
Remember change your location Excel, if you present any issue let me know.