Why is UIPath using Powershell x86 and how to change it to use 64 Bit?

Hi guys,

I just had weird behaviour with the Invoke-Powershell Activity. I was then investigating and saw that UIPath uses the x86 Version of PS.
Is there a way to change it so it uses the x64 Version of PS?

I need this cause I have to use MSOnline Module, which is not working with 32 Bit PS.

That is all.


Can you try to use StartProcess activity to call the following, istead of Invoke PowerShell activity?


Or it might be better to create bat file to call ps script using the above exe.


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Ok I can try this. But then I can’t give a variable from PS back to UIPath? I need to retrieve a json in the PS and then give that JSON to UIpath to further work with it.


If you can output result of powershell script to standard output, Process and ProcessStartInfo class will help you as the following.