How can I change targetFramework back to Windows-legacy?

To summarize this thread for future readers:
I have two UiPath Projects

  • Project 1 - Created using Windows-Legacy Compatibility
  • Project 2 - Created using Windows Compatibility.
    I cannot invoke a workflow in Project 2, from Project 1.

Solution 1 - Update Project 1’s Project.json file so the targetFramework = “Windows”. Now both Project 1 and Project 2 use the “Windows” compatibility and work as expected.

Alternative solution:
If simply changing the Project.json targetFramework in Project 2 back to “Legacy” does not work then:
Recreate Project 2 in Windows-Legacy compatibility. This requires redoing each and every activity, because (in my case) I could not simply copy and paste the activities from Project 2 (Windows compatibility) to Project 1 (Legacy).