Why is so hard to contact UI Path sales to get started with UI Path?

Dear UI Path,

I and several interns have tried to reach out to your Sales Team for the last 3 weeks with no call back in order to schedule a meeting. The meet was to discuss UI path in regards what it can feasibly do regarding business processes that involve sensitive data. Processes that are still necessary because they involve data ethics and government transparency regarding various programs–particularly the transparency required state and federal law in order to fund various social and healthcare programs. Programs like Vaccines; Homeless Shelters; Child Protective Services; Public Theaters; Community Symphony Orchestras; Suicide Prevention; free comics, ebooks, and movies for children in poverty; veterans medical assistance, and much much more that I cannot publicly talk about.

Why is it so hard to speak to a human at your company? Or even schedule a meeting with sales?

P.S. I made a brand new account and submitting a support ticket in hopes that I can finally get answers to my questions.
P.P.S. I work for the government if that was not obvious. Even free trials require communication with the company. I didn’t write the rules.

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Did you try Contact Us | UiPath ?

Maybe try sending out multiple requests. Also make sure you check spam inboxes, etc.