UiPath Sales - No Response

I’ve been trying to reach the UiPath sales team for weeks now, but no one has gotten back to me. I’ve used the sales contact page twice to try to reach them, and I commented on a thread with this same question. No one will respond.

I’m in the United States. Can someone please tell me how to get in touch with someone at UiPath regarding sales?

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Can you please help him @ken.robertson

Hi @ken.robertson,
I am really sorry for this. I informed our sales dept. about your issue. Someone should shortly contact you here or through the contact form, you’ve sent. Please let me know if there will be still any issues with this.

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Thank you! I still have not heard anything from them. Is there anyone else I can reach out to?

@ken.robertson - I would like to apologize. Could you please let me know your e-mail address under which our sales dept should contact with you? I will prioritise this. It looks that they have so many cases that for some reason still can’t reach you. Sorry once again for the awkward situation.

Thanks! I messaged it to you.

Hi Ken, good morning. Pawel has aligned with me and my channel team in AMER to support you. If you would please share your contact information we will reach out to support you, thx. Rick