Why is image selection (F3) disabled when I use Take Screenshot Activity?

I want to take the screenshot of a particular area in my browser.

I use “Use Application / Browser” => Select Chrome (the extension has been installed previously) => Take screenshot. However, at this point the Image Selection is greyed out, and there’s no clipping region under “Properties”

Currently using StudioX v2021.10.5

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Hi @Wolfneck,
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Would you be able to record somehow the behaviour that you are experiencing?

Hi @Pablito,

Thanks for the response.

Please see screenshots below. Does this have something to do with the version of StudioX I’m using? Maybe this is a Studio function only?

f3 screenshot (2)

f3 screenshot

Now I get it. So for this activity, the image selection mode is disabled by default because you will select an object that you need the screenshot of. So it is based on the selector only. The image selection mode works with another type of action like the Click activity for example.

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Hi @Pablito,

Thanks for the reply. Are you aware if there’s any way to enable this? Or take screenshot of a selected area on my screen only?

Assuming that you want to take a screenshot of a particular web page element you can just select this element in terms of creating a selector.

Hi @Pablito

I used Google as an example. I’m actually trying to extract something from SAP, and StudioX is having some trouble with selecting the particular area I want. I’m actually trying to screenshot one part within the SAP element that StudioX is able to detect.

Eg if the entire Google logo is the element, how do I screenshot only the first “G”?

Could you advise here?

For now, this capability is missing. I will take an improvement for further prioritization.


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