Why i have : Throw Input Data Invalid plz?

Throw: Input Data Invalid

Hello @Soudios, can you please elaborate your error a little more so, I can help you? What activity are you talking about, what are you giving as input?


What’s the condition you’ve given in the flow decision activity?

Double.TryParse(CashIn,dbl_CashIn) And Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck,dbl_OnUsCheck) And Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck,dbl_NotOnUsCheck)

Its expected flow to throw the exception bcoz you have that in your flow. this condition is evaluating to false so its fine. :slight_smile:

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@nadim.warsi’s right! :slight_smile:

The flow is throwing an error because it is designed to.

Also, check if the output variables are of type double so we can make sure that the conversion happens without any problems and it proceeds to the next step without throwing an error.

I think its good :

but what throw means exactly ?

see here:

You are performing certain conversions in the flow decision activity, right?

This returns a boolean condition.

Since your condition fails, it throws an error and stops the process. If you select run instead of debug, your process won’t stop.

You can learn more about throw here: How to use Throw and ReThrow

Ah okey, but i don’t have Try Catch activity, this is the problem ?

That’s up to you to choose.

Don’t really understand, i am using output variables with double type as u said, so why i have an error ?

Maybe the conversion isn’t happening properly, check if the input variables are not empty.

which conversion are you talking about plz ?

The condition indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed for converting your variable CashIn to double .
If its false for any of the 3 variables the outcome of this check is false.
Debug and check values of each and see what is the cause of false outcome.

Your variables as i see are all null is there any reason. Is your input set properly to get those values?

Share your project please :slight_smile: let us have a look. Add your excel as well.