Why cannot type into Japanese in Insert Picture dialogue of Excel?

Hi, it’s not a big problem but I want to know why the issue happens.

I was trying to take screenshot and save it as an image, then insert it to Excel file.
My workflow works fine, unless the image file name contains Japanese.

When the file name contains Japanese characters, UiPath doesn’t type the file name into insert picture dialogue’s file name input box (the red box area in the picture below) correctly.

If I use “Type into” activity as it is, it only types single-bite characters, for example, it only inputs “.img” when the file name is “テスト.img”
If I check “Simulate type” or “Send WindowMessages” option, it doesn’t type anything.

Here’s my xaml, it’s just a simple flow.
Main.zip (3.1 KB)

I was able to insert picture even its name contains Japanese by using “Set to clipboard” and “Ctrl + v”, or I think I can copy/move file to change picture name.
However, I’m really curious what causes this issue, since I was able to input Japanese anywhere with UiPath till then!

Does anyone have any ideas??


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Ok, I found this so peculiar that I tried to reproduce your case as precisely as possible, with the same file name テスト.img, the same dialog in the same application. I was able to find out that this quirk comes from the selector and not the activity itself. The important part of the selector generated by indicating the field on screen in this case will be <wnd ctrlid='1148' />. This gave me the same results you got, either writing “.img” or nothing into the field.

Then I used the selector editor to “Attach to Live Element”. This will update the selector to something like <wnd ctrlid='1148' idx='3' />, which for some reason gives almost no issues. I have no clue why. It would be wise to post this in the #issues section to let developers know about it.


In addition to @sfranzen’s answer, another workaround for a standard File Open dialog box is to add < ctrl role=‘editable text’ > to the existing selector.

This issue is fixed in the 2017.1 version.


Thanks for the info, it should not be necessary to report this as a bug then! :smiley:

Not anymore, it was reported some time ago and fixed with the latest release :slight_smile:

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Thank you both! I’ll try those later, because I’m on the train right now :slight_smile:

I cannot update UiPath right away because of some restrictions, so really appreciate your suggestions!!

This issue with the Type Into activity is fixed in the latest version of UiPath - 2017.1. - This have been confirmed and tested as well


Thank you for letting me know, Jason :smiley: