Open dialogue type into File Name



I am typing the filename in the Open Dialogue:


I am trying to get the p6w3-2018Summary.csv file but every time it gets p6w3-2018Summary - Copy.csv instead. But that is not what’s shown on my type into string… how to fix this? Thanks!




Hi! It works absolutely fine for me. What you can try is that you can use two type into and place a delay between them…in the first just type the file name whereas use the second type into to press enter…
See if that works…
P.S. I have created exactly the same name files…and it works very well for me…here is the workflow if it helps:
xyzz.xaml (7.9 KB)


What type of TypeInto activity are you using? SimulateType cant do special keys like enter, which may be causing an issue.

Either way, you should separate it out to 2 different activities based on the intent of the activity. Activity 1 = type name of file, Activity 2 = click ok (or use enter shortcut). This is less “sneaky” and is easier to tell what each piece of the code is doing if someone has to review it at a later time


Thanks all!